About Us

We have been in business for 15 years in the Louisville, Ky area. We Provide potential customers with information needed to help in buying decisions based on technical information and rational analysis and less on style, fashion or impulse. To ensure the solutions work successfully once the buying decision has been made. We truly care, and it shows. Carrying a full line of truck equipment, Tow Zone also carries a complete line auto haulers, car/equipment haulers, cargo/enclosed, dump, tilt, horse, goosenecks, motorcycle, utility and truck beds. Along with our products in hauling, we also provide our customers with equipment that will help them through any weather condition. With snow equipment, including, Boss’ snow plow and salt spreaders, Meyer Snow Plows,  Sno-king’s plows, Curtis’ snowplows, and more, our company won’t let that winter wonderland get you down and out. Along with our snow equipment, we also sell large equipment for you to choose from for those large and heavy tasks. Whether it is Thieman lift gates, RKI cranes, Parkhurst Bodies or other brands, our company is here to provide our devotion to you by accomplishing every hauling, towing, or loading need with our products.


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